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"Who is My Neighbour?"

By Charles King
"Who is my neighbour?" the young man asked the teacher. The teacher then told him this story.
Late one night a farmer was travelling from Dullstroom to Lydenburg, when he was attacked by hijackers. Stripped of his clothes, beaten up and his bakkie stolen, he was left half dead on the road.
Not much later a dominee drove past rushing to get home after a late appointment. In his headlights he saw the man lying there, but quickly veered to the other side of the road and passed him.
A travelling salesman, with business in the town the next day also drove past, briefly slowed down and quickly averted his gaze, then sped past.
Then a refugee fleeing from violence in his country to the north came along on foot. When he saw the man, he felt compassion for him. Going over to him, the refugee soothed his wounds with river water from his old bottle and bandaged him with his T-shirt.
He put the man on his back and carried him to a B&B 4 km away, where he washed his face under the garden tap and nervously called the owner (he had no papers and feared being arrested).
He handed the B&B owner his last two faded brown R20 notes and said to him, "This is all I have, will you take care of this man?"
"Now which of these three would you say was a neighbour to the man who was attacked by hijackers," the teacher asked.
"The one who showed him mercy," replied the young man.
Then the teacher said, "Yes, now go and do the same – go and love your neighbour as yourself."
Last week, as part of the Wits University-based Investigative Journalism Workshop (IJW), I spent a morning outside the main refugee reception centre in Johannesburg.
I say outside because our group was thrown out after having just made it through the gate, past the aggressive, pompous-angry security guards.
While luminous yellow reflector jackets were garish badges highlighting their egos, cruelty and pseudo-power, their megaphones and batons were straight out of fascist Italy or Germany, apartheid South Africa... or modern-day Zimbabwe.
I saw hundreds of this continent's most disempowered people waiting. They were waiting in a ripping August wind laden with the grit-and-dust-and-shit of the winter, amongst the reek of human excrement.
The public 'portaloos', maybe ten of them, had only arrived the day before. Until then, those waiting had shat-and-pissed, menstruated-and-spat-out-their-phlegm on the pavements and in the surrounding open lots.
Arrogantly think what you like, but even for the poorest of the poor, time is money. People waiting here for permits, papers and extensions (only 50 refugees and asylum seekers from the daily hundreds are processed every day) already lost outside 'the system' stood to lose what menial jobs they had.
Every single person I spoke with told of bribery and corruption that started at street level with the translators, but seeped like sewerage though the gates and into the refugee centre.
Tonight as I type these words, a couple of hundred people at least - including children and babies - are sleeping in the bitter cold on the filthy pavement, maybe in rain, but certainly in the reek.
Those I'd spoken to had got there on the Tuedsay morning in the hope of making it into the reception centre on Thursday, maybe Friday. If they didn't make it, they'd be back next week. And the week after that. Nobody gives a damn.
Most of those I spoke to were Zimbabwean. Despite May's xenophobic attacks, not a single one of them would go back even if they could. They'd rather face violence, bleak conditions and destitution here than Mugabe's poverty of spirit and mind.
Sleep easy tonight, when you do.

Charles King is a writer and journalist living in Waterval-Boven. His blog Beautiful Mind, which celebrates life, tourism and travel in Mpumalanga's Highlands can be seen at

Mugabe wants to use Tsvangirai as Condom

Dumi Sigogo
Morgan Tsvangirai knows and so does dictator Mugabe that if free and fair elections are to be held, Zanu PF will be fucked up, so Mugabe will not allow that to happen.
Mugabe is prepared to buy time in power by having a marry go round in the name of power sharing talks.

He has threatened to form cabinet and is trying to paint a picture that Tsvangirai is the uncompromising part. Bob wants to control all security Ministries and wants to chair Cabinet, Tsvangirai says you can have the Defence but can we have the Home Affairs and co chair cabinet, Mugabe says NO WAY MORGIE!

At the MDC’s 9th anniversary Tsvangirai said he it is better to have no deal at all than a bad deal and therefore fresh elections should be held under the international watch. Does he think Mugabe will allow foreign or independent observers to this election? Obvious the useless SADC will not agree.
If Mugabe does agree to the elections at all, then they will be another unnecessary chapter of the spilling of blood as Mugabe’s murderous thugs masquerading as war vets, youth militia will once again savagely assault; burn, torture, traumatize and murder opposition supporters just like they done in the past to win elections.
Some victims of the Mugabe, state and Zanu PF sponsored violence.

Mugabe lost and will loose any credible election so he should not insist on a lion’s share of spoils of these talks deal. If he does not want to bow out or share power equally he should be reminded that he is no longer a legally and morally accepted leader of the beloved Zim.

He rigged his way to the negotiating table and now wants to fuck Zimbabwe and use the MDC and Morgan as condoms.

If the deal is to eventually come out Tsvangirai should be careful not to be sold a dummy by the cunning Mugabe. Remember Joshua Nkomo was defeated and destroyed in the name of a unity government.
The powersharing deal is likely to see Zim recovering but as long as Mugabe is still in the cockpit and its still the Zanu PF way of doing business, then the country is still in troubled waters.

Tsvangirai should know better that Mugabe is politically and economically cornered and wants to use him as a condom to do the dirty work while he Mugabe enjoys the fruits of a recovering Zim. By giving Morgan the finance and economic development portifolios, Bob wants the west to pour money and aid thinking there is now a legitimate government in Zim. He on the other hand will be plundering the resources with his cronies while Morgan and the MDC toil and Zim continues to bleed without tasting the milk and honey.
If Morgan decides to abandon the people he can join the gravy train and suck the milk and honey like the Mugabe regime.

Morgan is right on insisting a better deal becoz that’s what more than half the population wants. They don’t want Mugabe to be the CEO of the country any day or hour more.
MDC should not quickly jump into bed with Zanu PF because it will be like what one writer said “Cozying up to Mugabe – with his degrees in violence – is about as foolish as getting into bed knowing there is a scorpion hiding between the sheets” –Gerald Cubitt
South Africa and the toothless SADC by trying to push MDC to accept this weak deal are trying to say let the big hungry wolf and the fat lamb sleep together.
It seems as if Mbeki’s dishonorable and evil intentions are to salvage the expired Mugabe rather than saving the suffering and abused people of Zim.

History will judge the MDC harshly if they are wood winked and enticed by Mugabe to believe that they have secured a grand deal. History tells us how the despot has survived situations we thought he was finished. He wants the MDC to give him credibility and then he continues to rape beautiful mother Zim.
So if the MDC is not cleaver they will be the ones who will be finished.
For mother Zim to flourish Morgan get the best deal than whats being offered by Mugabe and Mbeki.
Dont be used as a condom Morgan!

Friday, October 26, 2007

R.I.P Lucky Dube

View the slain Reggea King in Pictures.

The Editor will publish an Orbituary. It will include personal meetings with Lucky Dube and his Music.

No Licence to foreigners-Ndlovu

by Gugu Ziyaphapha

Harare will not permit foreigners to own broadcasting stations but will before the end of the year invite locals to apply for broadcasting licenses, Gugu Ziyaphapha reports.

Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu says: "On the issue of ownership we cannot compromise,
“Why should a foreigner want to own a voice in Zimbabwe? The government policy on broadcasting seeks to achieve strategic goals. We seek to expose those we perceive as adversaries and win over those we see as useful allies. Broadcasting seeks to build national cohesion, consensus and defence, especially this time when the country's sovereignty is being challenged by our erstwhile colonisers."

Government says it is also working on relaxing the stringent Broadcasting Services Act (BSA) which in the past has made it difficult for previous applicants to be licensed.

Prospective broadcasters and the state regulating board the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) have attacked the broadcasting laws that were passed in 2003 saying they still protect the monopoly enjoyed by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings(ZBH).

They argue that by disallowing foreign funding to local media companies it makes it extremely difficult for new players to come on air because the broadcasting industry requires heavy foreign currency investments which the country does not have, but the ruling Zanu PF government says it will not allow foreigners to own the media because there are hostile towards President Robert Mugabe’s administration.

Ndlovu told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Communications that his ministry is consulting with office of the Attorney-General and other stakeholders on amending the BSA.
"According to the BAZ, the main reason why applicants fail is the requirement for them to declare their source of funds in view of the fact that the majority of shareholders should be Zimbabweans and this is also in line with the Indigenization and Empowerment Bill." said Ndlovu.

The committee also said ZBH should not demand radio and TV licence fees from the public because the broadcaster is registered under the Companies Act as a private limited company.

The committee said members of the public should not be made to fund a private company which the state broadcaster had now become by privatization.

Zanu-PF MP, Leo Mugabe who chairs the committee said ZBH’s collection of the compulsory viewers and listeners licence fees from the public can be legally challenged.

He said any other private company can go to court and successfully demand to be authorised to provide the same service as ZBH.

The lawmakers said they would deal with the issue of licence collection at a later date to be announced.

Meanwhile, Former President Mugabe’s and government Lawyer Terrence Hussein has labeled Presidential Spokesman, George Charamba a "liar"

Hussein also said that Charamba has a “..Propensity for singing hopelessly out of tune for his supper."

The Lawyer has also threatened to sue Charamba for defamation if he does not substantiate claims he made in his answering affidavit in a case challenging government in constitutional matter against the BSA.

Charamba, who also doubles as the Information Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, claimed in the affidavit that Hussein had helped craft the BSA and should, therefore, barred from representing the applicants who are challenging the constitutionality of some sections of the Act.

The President’s Spokesman says if Hussein was allowed to represent the applicants, this would seriously harm not only the minister but also the relationships between lawyers and their clients as the protection of clients' confidential information would play second fiddle to the economic interests of legal practitioners.

Charamba’s affidavit reads: "It is surprising that Hussein, for reasons best known to him(self), has decided to exploit the information given to him in confidence and such a thing should not be allowed as it gives rise to a conflict of interests of a serious nature,".

"Indeed, there is a serious conflict of interest in this matter and Hussein and his practice should recuse themselves, failure of which this matter should be dismissed," said Charamba.

Hussein who dismisses Charamba's claims as false and gravely defamatory has since wrote to the Attorney General’s office (who represent Charamba) demanding evidence within five days, on the claims made by Charamba.

In his letter to the Attorney Genera, Hussein demands that Charamba provides, "a copy of the retainer agreement for services between Mr Hussein and second and fourth respondents (Information Minister and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe); a list of court matters with citations of the cases it is alleged Mr Hussein acted for second and fourth respondents; the exact particulars of the confidential information……unless they are fully substantiated, we will institute a damages claim," reads the letter.

The latest incident was sparked by the constitutional case in which Hussein is representing Ndabenhle Mabhena and his company, Manala (Pvt) Ltd, in the Supreme Court case in which the applicants are challenging the Information Ministry, ZBH, the BAZ and Transmedia (signals carrier).

Manala (Pvt) Ltd. wants the court to declare that Section 38 of the BSA is inconsistent with Section 20 of the country’s Constitution.
Section 38 states that all frequencies allocated by BAZ and Transmedia are exclusively for ZBH’s use.

ZBH owns the only two VHF (Very High Frequency) television channels.

There are also three other available television channels known as UHF (Ultra High Frequency) meaning that when another broadcaster wants to start a television station they would have to set up a UHF transmission systems parallel to the VHF one held by ZBH.

The Applicants argue that the should be given the other VHF channel because UHF is not an option considering the huge foreign currency involved to set it up while ZBH is using only one of the two VHF channels.

In response, the government says the other VHF channel is reserved for National Television which the applicants argue has not taken off the ground since 2004.

The Information Ministry is arguing that the custody of frequencies by ZBH was not unconstitutional because ZBH is providing a public service.

The applicants want the state broadcaster’s monopoly removed because ZBH is now a private limited company which they argue should not be allowed to collect licence fees from the public.

Hussein represented President Mugabe when his 2002 presidential election victory was challenged by the opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai who claimed the election was rigged.
The lawyer also represented a number of Zanu PF legislators whose victories were later challenged in the High Court by the MDC.

Zim designer wins global award

by Fiona Stephens

Leading Zimbabwean ecological and ethnic-fashion designer Novell Zwangendaba of the famous BlackScissors Ethno Design Project (, has won this year's Global Young Social Entrepreneurs' Top 100 Award following his short-listing for the prestigious awards which run in all regions of the globe
The international shortlist comprised of selected young people up to 30 years who set up innovative enterprises that aim to make a revenue as well as positive social impact by harnessing the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Knowledge as part of their business model. Given the tremendous world interest, organisers of the awards, Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), had to extend the deadline of the awards to accommodate more contestants from across the world.
Zwangendaba, an award-winning artist in the UN-sponsored Artists Against Poverty Campaign (AAPAC) had been short-listed for his Ethno-Eco Fashion Design Project, whose objectives are to advance skills and knowledge of the ecological and ethnic fashion designing through the innovative use of ICTs. In 2005 his project also qualified for financing at the Zimbabwe Culture Fund but Zwangendaba refused to accept the grant "because they did insist on funding some different objects which did not correspond with our project."
"I am so overwhelmed to be among the top 100 young global entrepreneurs, life is just beginning at 30, and I thank God for the blessings he's been extending to my life," said a jubilant Zwangendaba.
This year's Global Young Social Entrepreneurs' winners were announced on October the 20th, and have been invited to attend the award presentation ceremony which coincides with theYoung Social Entrepreneurs' Forum @ GK3, to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, 11-13 December 2007. The event will also run two sessions where young social entrepreneurs will 'pitch' their enterprises to experts to secure funding. They will participate in the IdeaFactory Project and will also meet various funding organisations such as development aid agencies, commercial banks, CSR investors and venture capitalists; mentors; experts and other stakeholders

The Young Social Entrepreneurs' Forum is part of the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference (GK3), a GKP Event on the Future on 'Emerging People, Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies' that will bring 2000 participants to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Forum and GK3 are organised by Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), the world's leading multi-stakeholder network promoting innovation and advancement in Knowledge for Development and Information and Communication Technologies for Development.
GKP runs the Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI), a programme dedicated to young social entrepreneurs that offers support in the four key areas of knowledge, networking, mentorship and financing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chelsy in emergence Op in SA

Royal assets - Chelsy

Prince Harry & Chelsy in Bostwana
Prince Harry's Zimbabwean girlfriend Chelsy Davy has been discharged from a Cape Town hospital after being admitted with severe abdominal pains

The operation which comes just days after the Prince popped the 'will you marry me?' question during a Botswana safari has left the UK royal household with worry.
Her mother reportedly struggled to reach Prince Harry in England, where he's busy with army manoeuvres.

Michelle Morris, spokesperson for the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, confirmed to Rapport that Chelsy, 21, had been admitted as a patient.

She had arrived at the hospital shortly after breakfast last Thursday. Apparently she had an operation later that day to remove her appendix.

Harry was reportedly beside himself with worry when Chelsy's mom finally tracked him down and told him the news.
Morris did not want to confirm the procedure or comment on Chelsy's state of health: "We must treat every patient's information as confidential."

The Daily Mail in Britain said on Friday that doctors would be monitoring her health very closely over the next few days.
But according to Morris, Chelsy was discharged on Friday.
And one of her friends told Rapport that Chelsy could have contracted a stomach virus while on holiday in Botswana with Harry.
Another friend said that after selling her house in Newlands earlier this year, Chelsy had bought a place near the Cape Town city bowl.

Obituary- Moses Gumbo

Obituary- Moses Gumbo
By Dumi Sigogo

Super charged, firebrand, energetic, spirit filled and fiery that was how he talked and like wise that’s how he reported.
At college, he was renowned as a smart, short and clean shaven guy who liked to speak impeccable english, maybe perhaps it was because of his teacher training background.

We met and became friends, at the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA in 1999). He was a tough and mucho guy who did not appear at all as some one who might coward life and hang himself using a shoe lace after an accident or an any tragedy.

Moses Gumbo, the late ZBC Midlands Bureau Chief, sacrificed the comfort of being a salaried teacher to become a paying Journalism student at CCOSA. Back then teachers appeared to be living in decent poverty but I remember often asking him why he resigned from teaching in order to train for another pathetically less paying profession : “I love journalism and its my passion” he would reply.

A father of three by then, he was bold and brave enough to soldier on and endure the harsh conditions as a student Journalist in Harare just for the love of what you want to do. Zimbabwe was not or is still not the right place to be selective or choosy. You need to have balls in order to do that. Moses did that and succeeded just as he had succeeded as an educator in the malaria prone areas of Gokwe.

As a student leader at CCOSA I organised some seminars which included journalism and media students from UZ and Harare Poly, Moses because of his vast knowledge of socio, politico and economic issues and of cause because of his teacher English speaking skills, he naturally led the CCOSA team at such activities. Many of my colleagues will agree that he was already displaying signs that he was destined to be a fine journalist and leader.

Our student activism saw me, Moses and Samuel Mungadze, another colleague of ours bravely and actively participating in demonstrations by the NCA and other organisation campaigning for democracy and human rights. At the official launch of the MDC at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex in 2000, we were there.

During our college years we would with Moses, drink Two Keys whisky or Vice Roy, we would dilute it with Stoney Ginger beer, because of its brown bottle packaging, it was easy to smuggle and drink in class without anyone suspecting. Those were the days we would drink outside the college holding street bashes, we would drink MuHarare Gardens or MuAfrica Unity Square. As students we could afford whiskey and sausages but as rising broadcasters at ZBC we could not afford the Scud and Maputi, the combination we used to enjoy at Club Cassa during mazuva ekubroker tichiri kuCollege.

He was like a brother to me to the point that we used go to his place in Kuwadzana and drink and then his teacher wife Mai Tanatswa would cook for us Sadza nemriwo ne nyama. Since he was more senior to us, Moses would help, share and offer sound advice to us on various matters that concerned life and family problems.

Madyira pazhe (panze) as the Gumbos are known, was my homeboy because he came from Mberengwa, my mother’s home area. I also learnt with many of his relatives at Chegato High School.
He also trained at Mkoba Teachers College in Gweru, my home town.

With Samuel we used to joke with Moses saying to him: “The problem with you Mozie is you are a teacher who wants to be a journalist so you don’t understand many things” and he would jovially retort saying: “I am journalist who had wrongly assigned himself to teaching”

At the end of our industrial attachment in 2000, Moses, Oscar Pambuka and I decided to stay with ZBC after being offered full time jobs. It was also for the love of broadcasting that we felt our careers would be shattered if we don’t go into broadcasting. Though we were very much aware of the state broadcaster’s notorious reputation when it came to balanced and ethical reporting, we knew of its horrible record on issues like independent creativity and career development but we agreed to use it as a spring board and leave for better turf. Also since it was the only Broadcaster we had no choice but to stay with it. Oscar and I did use ZBC as a stepping stone but Moses chose to stay, though I left without ceremony.

I remember greatly encouraging Moses to stay in broadcasting, this was after seeing that he was excellent in isiNdebele, Shona and of course English. By then it was only the likes of Godfrey Mtizwa, Patrick Banjila, Alson Mfiri and Moses’ homeboy Makhosini Hlongwane who could perfectly file in those three languages.
The then TV news Chief, Justice Dhliwayo and Hailey Velaphi Mlangeni, the then Radio News Head concurred with my judgement and encouraged Moses to follow that path.
He did not disappoint in his execution of duty as a journalist.

I know many including myself would unfairly judge him for staying with the Zanu PF biased ZBC and being used in the propaganda against the people. But if given another choice to broadcast, lets say there were many stations in Zimbabwe, I have no doubt he would have left or we would not have gone there in the first place.

Apart from his super charged reports, many still remember one winter night during the uMdala wethu Gala in the Midlands capital when Moses mistakenly referred to Presidential Spokesman, George Charamba as Charles Charamba(the Gospel Musician).

Had it not been the miserable peanuts the state pays as salary for abusing its Journalists as Propaganda boys and the bad state of the economy, I also don’t think he would give people a lift.

As a survivor that he was, Ayizama ku joinidza joinidza ne mota yebasa, If not 95% people with company vehicles are guilty of carrying unauthorised passengers in order to supplement their living.

Maybe because of his bravery he chose to end his life than to live with the guilty of being associated with the spillage of the blood of two people.
Perhaps because of his pride he could not face the tragedy and possibly as the African culture believe, Ngozi.
“But why I ?” I will ask you if we meet again Msipa. Accidnets do happen. Such is life you could have stomached it.

Using a shoe lace which many doubted could kill Cain Nkala as first reported by colleague Reuben Barwe, I even looked at the laces of my sneakers and imagined how they can end my life.
To those who perished in the accident and to Mozie Madyira, “Lalani Ngokuthula , Zororai Murugare RIP!”

Dumi Sigogo, is a former Producer with ZBC. He was a Senior Reporter with the Daily News on Sunday when it was banned. He is also a media trainer. The Journalist is now into film production with an internationally renowned Film, Music Video and Commercial Production Company.